Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Spaceman Spiff Hat

I never thought I'd see the sun again, given that a few days ago we still had sun. But, alas the sun has shone again on our wintry village in the northland! And how it shines right in the eyes of my wee Pumpkin when we go strollering along!

I really searched for a handmade hat to buy, but couldn't find the perfect one. Then I found a pretty okay one at the thrift store, and decided I'd make a hybrid of that and a pattern I bought. It's got a chin strap that fastens with velcro, so it actually stays on the wee one's head, even when he tugs at it. If I could just get those infant sunglasses to stay on...

While looking for the perfect sun hat for a boy, I found these cool things on etsy:

Squid Hat
Mohawk Hat (made in Minneapolis!)
Jungle Animal Summer Hat
Very Un-boy-like Laura Ingall's Wilder Bonnet
Plaid Wool Driving Cap (for kids!)

Sometimes it's so hard to find cute stuff for boys, I thought I'd share! Any other good hat finds?


Anonymous said...

Baby pumpkin is totally decked out.

Jen said...

Have you made adult size hats yet?