Friday, July 31, 2009

Betz White Super-Gorgeous Organic Fabric

I'd like to tell a little story about long, long ago when I discovered a wonderful little cupcake pincushion at the craft sale I helped plan in Minneapolis. It was as cute as could be, and it stood out as one of those unique little delights amid lots of bottlecap jewelry and things made from scrabble tiles. In the world of hipster craft sales, as in many worlds, it's hard to stand out. But Betz White was a standout the year she joined us at No Coast Craft-o-rama. She was the pink and sweet in a sea of black and skulls.

I've followed her work ever since; I bought her first book (need to buy the second) and became a reader of her blog. Her work is so bright and cheerful and optimistic I just love it! And she's working hard to be ecologically minded in her work, which I also strive for in my own whenever I can.

I was thrilled to learn that Betz's newest addition to her genius-ness is a line of organic fabric, for sale in her Etsy shop. My favorite is the Picnic Floral Organic Canvas. At $68/yard it's a little pricey just to buy and figure out something to do with it later. I'm going to think good and hard and then bite the bullet and pick some up for myself. It's scrumdillyicious!

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