Sunday, July 19, 2009

Wisconsin Food Obsession

This weekend was my annual Girl's Weekend in Wisconsin. We realized that this is the fifth time in sixth years we've made the trek southward for a big weekend of shopping, eating, manicuring, drinking, shopping and playing a bit of M.A.S.H. The only year we missed it I was 9.75 months pregnant and really not too in the mood for the heat, the crowds or, frankly, anything.

I realized after I got home and checked out all my photos that I must have taken my hollow leg on the trip. Every damn photo is food-related! Not that that's a bad thing, but you can really tell where my head was at. And my stomach. We definitely did a lot of great eating, from the mall kiosk candy store to the farmer's market baked buttermilk donuts to the landmark "red brat" at State Street Brats, with required plastic pitcher of 'Sconnie beer to accompany it.

Next year, we've already decided, we need to mix it up and go to a new destination and try some new things. I'm okay with that. I mean, there's a limit to the amount of shopping I can muster up excitement about. But the food...that's another story. I can get excited about food pretty much anytime, anywhere, for any reason. What's more beautiful that a massive mound of bright, perfect carrots? Only a bakery counter stuffed with donuts as big as my head, really.

Next year, maybe we'll try to swing Duluth. After all, one of my favorite Minnesota restaurants, The New Scenic Cafe has been calling my name lately.

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Lisa at Lil Fish Studios said...

Oh yeah, this is SO my idea of a fun trip. I would have brought my hollow leg too, good call.

p.s. I love the lip balms I won! I was very excited when they came. Thank you!!