Friday, July 31, 2009

Dog Days

It sure hasn't felt like a "usual" summer around here. I haven't had the air conditioning on more than twice and I haven't felt inclined to stick my behind in the freezer or spontaneously turn the hose on myself at all. It's sort of like cheating. Global Cooling. It's feeling more like fall then I can ever remember summer's past feeling.

The bad news is we haven't yet hit the neighborhood pool. The good news is every other thing we've done this summer has not been done in a pool of our own sweat while we alternate sunblock and bugspray. It's actually quite pleasant to be outside enjoying summer. What a concept!

Tonight we hit the Dog Parade in our neighborhood and, although all the local merchants had little bowls of water out for the pooches, no one was at risk of heat stroke and everyone could enjoy being in the direct (although setting) sun to watch them swagger, run, sniff, ride and meander by, sniffing for treats and ear rubs.

It was a very short parade and the costumes lacked a bit, but hey, it was good, local, free fun and we got to pet a lot of seriously cute dogs that were seriously more well behaved than our own. I've already started thinking about how to dress two Schnauzers for next year. Batman and Robin? Sonny and Cher? Hmmm. I need some ideas here.

Happy Friday and good weekend to you! I hope you're getting some lovely summer weather wherever you are.

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Jen said...

How about ketchup and mustard? Peanut butter and chocolate?

It's been chilly 'round these parts too. My cardigan is going to be all worn out by fall.