Thursday, July 02, 2009

A Picture-Perfect Day for Announcing Winners!

Ahhh. It was a fantastic Thursday despite the fact that 9 hours of it were spent in a cubicle. I did sneak out to take a walk through the farmer's market, which is conveniently just outside my office. I got some new potatoes, some dill plants and some yummy bread (which I proceeded to start in on at lunch time). I took some photos, strolled a bit, listened to music. The weather was so great here today I should have tried to play hooky! Or maybe I should have laid down next to this adorable dog and taken a little snooze...

On to the important stuff, right?? Like big prizes to award!!!! And thanks to everyone who participated in the blog freebie fun! I am super excited to announce the winners! And through this giveaway process, I have avoided having my husband kick me and my clutter out on the curb, so thank you for that. Congrats are in order to:

--Laura! You are the big winner of the stocking and vintage bracelet!
--KristenMary! You are the winner of the growth chart!
--Jen! You are the winner of a secretly stashed growth chart that wasn't even a known giveaway item!!!
--Lisa at Lil Fish Studios! You are taking home a buncha lipbalms!!!
--Pin and Paper! You are the big winner of my big stash o' cards!
--No one snatched up the baby hat, so I'm going to donate it to my favorite charity!

If you're a winner, make sure I have your email address so I can get your details and get your freebies in the mail! Yippee!


Jen said...

I can't believe no one got the hat. I didn't want to be greedy... Totally looking forward to the growth chart! Happy blogoversary!!!!

Lisa at Lil Fish Studios said...

Yay me!! Lipbalms! I'm so excited. Thanks so much. :D


KristenMary said...

Thank you so much for the growth chart, it really is cool!!