Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Blogiversary Freebie: Christmas in June!

I never thought, when I started blogging, that I sit here for so many years doing it. It's a great outlet, and heavens knows I have lots of things to ramble about. The weirdest thing about it is that my friends are always totally up to speed on my life, even if we don't talk all that often. I tell them a story and they say "oh, yeah, I read that on your blog." And it strikes me a little weird. But, nevertheless, who has time to make personal phone calls to each and every friend with an update, anyway? This blog can serve as my every day "Christmas Letter" that I mass-mail to all my friends and family. They skim through it, look to see if anyone died or got married, and set it in the pile with all the others.

Speaking of honor of my blogiversary today's giveaway is my Vintage Fabric Elf Stocking! Get ready for the holidays WELL in advance this year!! All you need to do is post a response to this post telling me your very favorite memory of Christmas. I'll pick a winner at random, and I'll even pay the postage!

1 comment:

Laura said...

my favorite Christmas memory is when my husband and I stayed up until 2 am assembling toys..then at 3am one kid woke with a fever...finally got her to sleep at 4am..and in walked the oldest, who was ready to open gifts.


We spent the morning angry and pissed off and exhausted, then had a couple of tangerine mimosas, and we were WASTED by 10am.

Merry Christmas!