Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Blogiversary Freebie: SO BIG Growth Chart

I made this growth chart a while back and never ended up using it. Not because I didn't like it, but because after making three more of my own, I was given one by my dad that became the "go-forward" growth chart in the house. This one is great because you can mark multiple kid's heights on it with fabric marker of various colors. Just make sure you hang it at the right height on the wall and you're good to go. After the kid(s) outgrows it (ha!) you can store it neatly away and/or package it up if you need to move.

This last point should be emphasized. If you plan to move, don't do like we did in our family and mark the kid's heights on a wall in the kitchen. We made that mistake and, years later, had to transfer all the little lines to a board we could remove from the house. Unfortunately it looses a little of it's charm if you don't have the original handwritten dates and lines, I think. So, take it from my experience -- you will love having a chart for marking the growth of your kids. You will love it even more if you can take it with you.

My question is this: did your family use a growth chart when you were growing up? What was it like? Does it still exist? I'll select a winner from those who leave comments. Good luck!


Jen said...

We had this cool giraffe mounted around the corner from the kitchen that had a moveable head that was used for measuring. I'm not sure where it went when my folks moved out to the country. Thanks for reminding me to ask!

KristenMary said...

We didn't have a growth chart, just a bunch of relatives that exclaimed how much bigger we were getting after not seeing us for a while! (a trait that has now been passed to me every time I see my nieces.)