Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Save Me!

Woe is me. We just found out that a move isn't in the cards for us, at least in the near future. I'm going to keep hoping something works out, but the reality is I'm just happy I still have a job and am bringin' home the bacon for the hubby and Wee Pumpkin! With the way Wee Pumpkin eats some days, I better keep my nose to the grindstone!

Anyway, it's been a super stressful week and it's only Tuesday. I'm hoping I can kick back and have a relaxing rest of the week. Hopefully it's in the cards for me!

This week and next we're going to be busily getting ready for our big neighborhood garage sale. It's going to feel SO GOOD to purge all that stuff out of our house. Moving or not, I have GOT to get rid of some stuff.

In other news, this month is my blogiversary! Yep, on June 22, 2006 I posted my first post of many, many posts! It's been fun rambling on about nothing for years. In honor of it, and in the spirit of purging, I'll be doing some giveaways all month. Stay tuned!


Jen said...

Awww - bummed to hear about the move.

Big congrats on the blog, you trailblazer! It's the tops.

Blake Himsl Hunter said...

hey.....I'm kinda glad your aren't moving :)

We need to hang out soon!


Laura said...

In the spirit of purging?
I had no idea you were bulimic.