Sunday, June 07, 2009

Hyper Speed

Phew, we had a busy day today zooming around from one place to the next, checking out roller coasters and trains at the Mall of America and going swimming and seeing old friends and new babies and eating at the same restaurant we did yesterday except a different meal (this time dinner, and OMG was it awesome). We baked cookies. We went for a walk. Did I mention we did this all in one day? I need a vacation from my weekend now! Wee Pumpkin got to bed late and was wound up on apple juice and animal crackers.

Today I realized a really funny thing about my hubby and I. Of course our toddler speaks in words and phrases that only a trained baby translator or skilled interpretor of baby would be able to understand. However, the words and phrases he uses he repeats often and in specific contexts, to such an extent that I think it would be very difficult not to know what it is he's getting at.

I learned today, though, that my husband does not share my skill in baby translation. For example, kiddo has said "ahayeaye" to mean "outside" for at least two months. It was obvious to me when he said "ahayeaye" he meant "mommy, I'd like to go outside and play, please" especially when he did so after picking up an armful of his outside toys and heading for the door. But I had a surprise when, after I said to him "We'll go outside after I put on my shoes," Mr. Pumpkin said "Oh, does 'ahayeaye' mean outside?" "Um, yeah," I thought, "How could you not know that?" So throughout the day I acted as translator for Mr. Pumpkin and realized how much I "get" and he doesn't get.

Is it just us that experience this vast difference in baby translation skills? Am I over-interpreting? Is he under-interpreting? Does it matter? I'm just curious if other parents have experienced this.


Granny said...

Hate to say it cuz it is sexist, but I think it comes down to a man/woman thing. Women have always been more attuned to subtle signals in verbal communication, body and facial language and what it really means when someone uses this word instead of that word.

You see - Mr. Pumpkin (bless his heart) only heard the sound Wee pumpkin was making - he failed to connect the words with the toy scoop and run for the door. I mean, we women are always sending out signals to our SO and 95% of the time - they just don't get it!

KristenMary said...

That is interesting! Especially because Mr. Pumpkin is with him all day. I think your Mum might be on to something with her comment. :-)

Willa said...

Sorry, I got stuck on the restaurant part - we ate breakfast at their location in Duluth and didn't like it. It must be different/better here or maybe we were just there on an "off" day. I had really high expectations since it had incredible reviews from Gourmet mag. Glad you had a fun weekend.

Laura said...

it doesn't end there...
my husband still doesn't know the kids schedules or where their clothing goes

he has been a dad for 10 years