Saturday, June 06, 2009

The Mrs. Parkers Meets Mrs. Geranium

It rained all day today and for some reason all I wanted to do was eat and stay inside. What else is there to do when it's rainy? But, the in-laws are in town visiting this weekend, so we braved the rain for a few outings. Whilst out and about we (both of us Mrs. Parkers) happened upon a geranium at the botanical garden also named Mrs. Parker. There we were, all three of us Mrs. Parkers, just sizing each other up. It was a lovely geranium, which of course I now have to hunt down and plant on my patio.

The best part of our day was our trip to Hell's Kitchen, where they claim the coffee is so strong it will restore virginity. I'm not so sure about that, but it was pretty damn strong. And I needed it. Wee Pumpkin had a pancake (pronounced by wee one as "ck ck") and I had the Portobello Benedict. So so so yummy. Dinner wasn't too bad, either as Mr. Pumpkin made one of his famous pizzas.

We're all patiently awaiting meeting our newest family member who truly was "born yesterday" down in Chicago. We can wait to kiss his toes and smell his baby sweetness very soon. Congrats S and E!

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Jen said...

Sounds like a fun day. And you've gotta get that geranium.