Sunday, August 17, 2008

Clothespin Doll for the State Fair

I made a new clothespin doll for submission to the Minnesota State Fair. I'm pretty anxious to see how this whole thing works. I have no delusions that my work is "State Fair Quality" but I had to throw it out there just to say I'd done it. I had a judge or someone call me last week to ask about the robot vest. She said there really wasn't a category for something made out of felted sweaters. To which I say, "why the hell not?" But, she put it in the clothing category and I said "Okay". I'm planning to go check it out and see what happened on Friday (the fair starts Thursday). If you don't usually check it out, the Creative Activities Building is a hoot. Pies, scrapbooks, quilts and all manner of crazy crafts and baking will be on display.

In other news, I learned that I was featured on a cool site call EcoMetro. Check out the first edition of Craft Thursday. I am seriously coveting the bicycle helmet cover they feature. What could be better for a bike commuter all dressed up her work gear than a cute chic bike helmet disguise!?

Anyhow, hope you had a lovely weekend. I did...and now off to sit and watch some pole vaulting or something while I eat dessert.

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Jen said...

Great job on making the eco metro section. I bet this will mean good sales of tiesies!

Have fun at the fair.