Thursday, August 28, 2008

Earflap Hat With Skulls

My son is usually a pretty willing (and ultra adorable) model for my projects. This one, however, not so much. Maybe it's the fact that I'm trying to get him to put on this super warm hat and it's 80 degrees outside. Or, by the time I get home from work and everyone eats and he gets a bath he's much more ready for a book or some snuggling than a modeling shoot. Oh, well. I did manage to snap this shot of him just about to take the hat off.

I am going to make some slight modifications to this new design, such as making the front flap a little wider. I hope to whip up about 100 of these for the big craft sale in December. I want to get some red plaid flannel to make some cute hunter-kid hats with. Yay! It's hard to get excited about winter, but I'm trying!


Anonymous said...

winter can be fun!... for the first 5 months.

Yer bebe keeps getting cuter.

...and she lived... said...

I love it! I'm in MN too...I can't believe it is already chilly!