Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Handmade Kid's "So Big" Growth Chart

I first saw growth charts at one of my favorite local baby stores, Pacifier. It was kind of a novel concept to me, since we had always just written them right on the wall in my house growing up. But, I guess we're more civilized these days so we write them on something removable. Well, that would have saved my dad the trouble of transferring ours to a two-by-four when we moved out of my childhood home!

As with most things, I thought, "Why buy when I can make?" and I set about trying to make a unique one for my little pumpkin. I'd love some feedback on it because I was thinking I would love to sell these in my shop, or even possibly submit the idea to One Yard Wonders. I did use just about a yard of organic cotton to make this, so I thought it could possibly fit. The idea with this one is that you can write on it with a fabric pen, so more than one kid can use it. It's also pretty gender neutral, and not overly babyish.

Whadda ya think? If you were going to buy a growth chart, what type of things would you be looking for? Colors? Style? Materials? Does 6' tall seem too tall (I think the answer here is YES, my future 17-year-old son doesn't want to still be measured on this)? Price? Let me know -- you can be my informal focus group!

Just for fun, here are some other options you can find online (please recommend more if you've seen some cool ones out there!):

Roseberry Creek Growth Charts
Nifty Kid Stuff Growth Chart (looks a lot like mine!)
Inklore Growth Chart


Jen said...

I love it!! Good job.

Granny said...

Great Idea! If you are going to sell them on etsy, perhaps you could make a slot of some kind to hold the fabric pen and include one with purchase. You may be able to buy some cheap somehwere.

KristenMary said...

Yes Yes Yes! This is fabulous!! Certainly couldn't hurt to submit it for the book!