Friday, August 08, 2008

Firsts: Parade Day and a Lollipop

Friday we had two Baby Pumpkin firsts -- a parade and a lollipop! It was terrific. The loud noises only bothered him in the beginning but he got used to it and was soon hopping up and down to the tunes from the floats. People kept throwing him candy (choking hazard) and I finally relented and opened up a lollipop for him. He did really good! He stayed up way past his bed time, didn't choke or freak out, and we all went home liking our neighborhood a little more.

I'm the process of trying to dream up some cool winter hats for the boy. I got some flannel and some nubly fleece and I'm going to try to make him a cool earflap hat. I also got a custom order for a really cute girl's hat that I can't wait to put together. I'm hoping I get inspired by my projects, because I've been feeling a little blah lately. I'm in the seasonal limbo. Should I be preparing for fall? Is summer in full swing or winding down? What's happening?

So, tell me, what should I do for some crafty inspiration?


Laura said...

I am always "blah"after one of my kids birthdays. All the planning and excitement, and then it is over. PLUS, the baby is older. Could that be part of it for you?

As for the season, HOLD ON TO THE SUMMER!! You know, fall is my favorite season, but when the kids are school age, with sucks!

I say, make one more summer farewell craft...and then gear up for the fall.

Kathy with a K said...

Laura, you're freakin' Martha Stewart and Dr. Phil rolled into one. What kind of summer farewell craft did you have in mind?

Recess said...

Your hair is looking really cute. And that baby boy is looking cute to match.