Saturday, August 09, 2008

Yellow Tomato and Purple Basil Caprese Salad

My hubby is the cook in our family, and now that he's the stay-at-home parent, he's also the grocery shopper. Last night he made this gorgeous caprese salad with the purple basil we're growing on our deck and some yellow tomatoes. Isn't it so pretty? The best part is it tasted fantastic, too. He said "you can put it on your blog" and I thought, how does he know about the blog...? But that's another story.

I need some more good summer recipes that don't involve turning on the oven, and don't involve a bun. Not that I'm against ovens or buns (or buns in ovens, for that matter), I just don't think I need to have them daily. Or even weekly. I love cold salads in the summer, or dishes you eat at room temperature. Bread salad, pasta salad...but I need new recipes. Otherwise I'm going to turn into a brat (and I mean the one pronounced BRAAAHhT and not BRAYT). And that just wouldn't be pretty.

Whatcha got?


tiny cupcakes said...

If you loved that, try this super simple dish. Penne pasta, tossed with tomato, mozzarella cheese, basil, olive oil and sea salt.

PumpkinGirl said...

ooo tiny cupcakes, that sounds good. So simple, too!

DK said...

I'm in the EXACT same boat as you. Brats & Caprese salad are our dinners at least once a week right now. I also make Guacamole a lot. I added some roasted peppers from the grill to the caprese once. That was pretty good.

If you need more basil, let me know I've got 6 "trees" worth right now in the back. I'll have to make some pesto or something.

Laura said...

take out sushi!