Tuesday, August 05, 2008

MN State Fair Creative Activities Competition

Mr. Pumpkin and I have been soul searching for a while now about whether we'd like to move to a smaller city closer to our families. Apparently we're not alone in wanting a less urban environment; I just read an article on the so-called Dreamtowns that everyone wants to move to like Helena, Montana and saw myself all over it. But our dreamtown needs to be Midwestern and semi-close to amenities found in a bigger city, so Helena is out.

In thinking about moving away from Minnesota, I have been collecting in my mind all the things I'll miss about this place. Can I give up seeing my friends? Will I have to live without French Meadow cafe? What about the Sample Room? My house that I love? Proximity to my sister and kids? What about the Great Minnesota Get-Together, the State Fair?

Oh, the State Fair. It's my favorite summer activity, and I go multiple times per year to eat lots of food and check out the baking competition, the seed art and the bird with feathery feet. Not to mention the giant pumpkins! In a last-minute panic, I decided to prepare for a possible departure by entering some of my crafts into the Creative Activities Competition. I'm super excited! I really was hoping to enter the "Quilt on a Stick" category, but alas I do not have time to put one together in a week's time. So here's what I'm entering. Check it out when you're there, and see if I won (unlikely, but at least I'll be representin'!)!

It won't make up for all the things I'd miss if we do move, but it will at least I can say I fully lived the Minnesota life while I was here! If you want to enter, the last day to register is today (4:30 PM) and you need to drop the stuff off starting next Sunday.


Anonymous said...

I think moving is really exciting. Even when you're missing people and places, it gives you a real appreciation for them.

What will you do for work if you go?

BTW, I love that robot sweater... can I pay you to make something like that for me??

Apron Thrift Girl said...

Moving can be hard and exciting at the same moment. We move a lot although we have been settled for five years. Now I'm ready to move again. We live on an island and have a semi rural life but now I'm ready for more. Good luck on your search.